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Domain-specific learning, Epistemic beliefs, Text-based learning, Interplay of knowledge, strategies, and motivation in academic development, Relational reasoning
Early Intervention, Family-Professional Partnerships, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity, and Professional Development
Teacher preparation, adolescent reading and literacy instruction, and instruction in inclusion settings
Literacy instruction for diverse learners, reading interventions, teacher education in reading
second language teaching, international education, Teacher Education, education in rural and remote areas, inclusive education, critical pedagogy in language teaching, language of instruction policy
Families, early support for Latino families, community development, impact of poverty on development, inclusion for children with disabilities.
education policy, politics of education, school desegregation, teacher shortages, educational equity, race and racism in education
education policy, educator diversity, teacher effectiveness, teaching, professional development, economics of education, causal inference
how the brain learns to read, sources of reading skill and impairment, how children learn the meaning of words, the impact of stress on learning and development